2020 MAN LAW Playoff Preview

i’m happy for you all

Rum Hams — Eshaan (8–5) BYE

Weenie Hut Jr.’s — Evan (7–6) BYE

three points of contact, taysom!

#3 Fanning DAKota-JH (8–5) vs. #6 A Hardman is Good to Find-Chris (7–6)

a computer-generated composite photo Chris and JH’s lifter thighs. (for real though, a horizontal opening? feels like that would be more trouble than it’s worth)

#4 BECK LE BLAO — Ruble (7–6) vs. #5 Boston Kareem Pies — Clay (7–6)

the ronnie brown wildcat game is one of those Turning Points in American history, imo



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